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We consistently purchase, import, process, and sale marine products - especially crabs, from raw material.

Raw material is caught in countries such as Canada and Alaska under local resource management.
Since the fishing ground and catching season is strictly limited, we handle only the high quality crabs caught at the best season.
Our staff is present during unloading and will sort the raw materials we purchase.

The crabs that are brought in, are immediately stored in refregirator. They are detached, size sorted, boiled, and frozen while still fresh.
This whole flow is completed in about an hour, and this flow is continued both day and night.
This is the point to not spoil the taste of fresh crab.


Our crab is processed in HACCP certified hygienic plant.
Our quality control staff is resident, and thorough sanitary and quality control is carried out in the plant.

Careful instruction is carried out daily by our resident Japanese staff.

※For detailed introduction to our Chinese plant, click here.


This is how our uncompromising products gets to our customers.
Please enjoy the taste and quality of crab that we are proud of.