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New item
Various Meats of Snow Crab IQF

After defrosted, it can be enjoyed as it is, or in salad, chirashizushi, kakiage, temakizushi, seafood bowl, fried rice, pilaf, gratin, pizza topping, pasta, takikomigohan, vinegared seafood, crab with mayonnaise, and omelette.

Shoulder Lump Meat

Claw Knuckle Meat

Knuckle Meat

Tip-leg Meat

Trailer Leg Meat

New item
Cooked snow crab leg slit (shell on) 8pcs/30pcs

Use only the snow crab leg which is the most expensive.
Because a slit is in both sides of the shell, it is easy to peel it and can taste freshness just of the unloading.
Of course you can enjoy it just as it is.

Cooked snow crab leg meat
@@Vacuum pack:10pcs/15pcs/20pcs/25pcs

There are various sizes.(The bag can be split at the perforation.)
You can use to cook or eat as it is.
There are lots of ways to use it.

Cooked snow crab leg meat butterfly 10pcs/20pcs

You can make SUSHI easily just by putting it on rice after defrosting.
There are various sizes.


Cooked snow crab leg meat potion 10pcs/20pcs

It is easy to hand and eat because tips shell are remained.
It is good for Shabu-shabu or broil crab, Tempura etc.

Frozen Raw Snow Crab Products

We believe Alaskan snow crabs are the very best of all.@Crab fishery in Bering Sea, Alaska, one of the severest winter fishery in the world.@All fishermen take great amount of risk, which brings the best quality, fresh and scrumptious crabs to the table.
All fishing boats are equipped with RSW (Refrigerated Salt Water) system, which allow them to unload perfect lively crabs directly to the shore plants.
After landed, crabs are immediately processed and frozen.
Savor to your heartfs content.

yRaw Snow Crab legs peeled shellzThe most popular for Shabu-Shabu (a style of Japanese hot pot dish), tempura, hot pot party, and grilled crab.
yHome PackzEnjoy different parts in one. Legs, claws, shoulders and etc. are included. Especially shoulders are rich in flavor. Home packs are perfect for hot pot party and grill crabs mostly.
yArm-legs peeled shellzNot only rare but also relatively reasonable compared to legs. Only 2 pieces of arm-legs per one crab. Recommended for tempura and Shabu- Shabu.
yRaw Cocktail ClawszAlso a rare part, only two pieces per crab. Recommended dishes are Shabu-Shabu, tempura, and hot pot cuisine.

yRaw Snow Crab legs peeled shellz
yHome Packz

yArm-legs peeled shellz
yRaw Cocktail Clawsz

Boiled and fresh (frozen) snow crab half portion 250g~1kg

For family gatherings and other get-togethers:
Legs' shell are half-peeled. Other parts are cut in half, for your convenience.
After defrosted, boiled products can be enjoyed as they are, or cooked very briefly in hot water or Japanese hot pot dish.
If you'd like Western style, paella dish and butter grill, or enjoy crab BBQ, for family gatherings and other get-togethers.



Boiled snow crab claw Scored Claw 600gNET/Half-peeled crab claw 800gNET/One piece claw 800gNET/Chinese style
@size: 5L, 4L, 3L, 2L, L, M and LM (360g), half-peeled & One piece scissor 26/30, 31/35, 36/40, 41/50

¦The fingures indicate the number of claws per 800g (1kg protective glaze included).26/30 means the package contains between 26 to 30 claws. Less claws per package means each claw is bigger.

Also available, as your private brand products: Products of various size and weight, of number of pieces per package.

With slits, claw shall can be easily peeled. Easy to eat once defrosted, perfect for cocktail parties. 

Cocktail claw portion products, with two-thirds of shall peeled. Enjoy as they are, or shall peeled. Enjoy as they are, or prepared to your preferences.

One piece claws. Easier to eat, with one scissor left. Ofter used in Chinese and fried dishes.

With every product, savour the rich and scrumptious crab taste.

Snow Crab Salad Meat Products 500g / 250g per bag, and customized products

Our regular salad meat product, with different meats from various parts, which are consist of about 70% shouders' meat, and 30% of red meat (such as knuckles and tip leg meat and so on), basically no food additives are added. Also we can produce sushi-sheet, sushi- stick for makizushi (sushi-roll) and pasteurized one, subject to order from customers.
After defrosted, it can be enjoyed as it is, or in salad, chirashizushi, temakizushi, seafood bowl, fried rice, pilaf, gratin, pizza topping, pasta, takikomigohan, vinegared seafood, western omelette, Chinese omelette, and so on.


Red King Crab (paralithodes camtschaticus)

The fishery of Alaskan red king crab from Bering Sea is administrated under strict resource control, only from late October to early November, when meat infill is in good condition.
As the name shows, red king crabs are considered the king of crabs. And Alaskan red king crabs are genuinely the best.

Snow Crab Sections (Chionoecetes opilio) 1.5kg/box, cooked and/or fresh (raw)
Size: 5L/4L/3L/2L/L

Available both boiled and fresh. After defrosted, enjoy and serve at your preferences.
Also popular as a gift in Japan.

Cooked whole (round) snow crab (Chionoecetes opilio)

Once landed, crab are immediately cooked, cooled and frozen at a plant located right at the shore. Carefully selected raw material (snow crab) of top freshness, good meat infill, and appetite stimulating color.
A gorgeous and delicious look. Miso is also tasty. Enjoy and serve in the style of your preferences.